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Mid-range ZC350 card printer
  • High print speed
  • Plug and play, no installation required and long setup hours. .
  • Compact and revolutionary design.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
Impresora de tarjetas ZC350

The ZC350 card printer prints at incredible speed, while minimizing the impact on your operational efficiency and workforce productivity, a flexible, secure, easy-to-configure, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage card printer. Get one-sided or two-sided cards in color or black and white, with special ribbons that offer special effects that will impress card recipients and make your cards difficult to forge. The ZC350 is plug and play, directly from the box and also has an innovative design that fits any surface.
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The professional-purpose ZXP9 card printer
  • High print speeds.
  • Prints images in photographic quality.
  • Compact design.
  • Increased security when printing.

The ZXP9 retransfer printer is designed for high-security applications, producing superb end-to-end cards with photo-quality images at the highest speed in the industry. Intelligent printing constantly monitors printing and automatically adapts settings using proven image processing algorithms for maximum print quality at all times. Available with 600 dpi, this printer allows the user to select the print quality mode to optimize print speed or print sharpness. In addition, it offers an extremely low cost per card, with Zebra's patented waste-free laminate design, which also removes 50% more waste than the competition.
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The professional-purpose ZXP7 card printer
  • High speed and low maintenance cost.
  • It has a robust design.
  • Easy to handle thanks to its new Ribbon charging system.

The ZXP Series 7 printer has an innovative design. Loading the ribbon is easy and simple to use for anyone. Choose from numerous encoding, connectivity, and ribbon options, and if additional security or durability is needed for cards, double-sided or double-sided lamination is also available without waste.
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CardStudio 2.0 - Card Software
  • Ease of use.
  • Simple data integration..
  • All the encoding options you need.
Card Studio 2.0

CardStudio 2.0 software brings a new level of simplicity to the design and printing of each card. In addition to meeting your needs today, CardStudio can grow with you as your business grows. With four editions, you can purchase the features you need today and instantly upgrade to unlock advanced features whenever you need them, making sure the card printing software you invest in today meets your needs now and in the future.
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Card supplies
  • Original Zebra consumables.
  • Best prices.
  • Always in stock.
Zebra Cards

Zebra PVC cards are ISO-guaranteed and provide high-performance image sharpness for rich colors and crisp barcodes, reduced card printer wear for lower maintenance costs.
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