Windows ends support for its mobile PDA operating sytems.

As of January 2020, Windows will no longer provide support for Embedded Handheld 6.5 and CE 7.0 operating systems, leaving those devices that have them installed without updates and security patches. This is forcing most professional PDA manufacturers to migrate their devices to the Android operating system.

The main reason for migrating and replacing old Windows devices with Android is to avoid the vulnerabilities that an outdated operating system can cause in the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

Failure to update will result in security patches being missed, exposing the entire business to external cyber or malware attacks.

To address this issue and minimize the risk to companies currently using these devices, leading mobility hardware manufacturers have begun installing Android as the operating system on all their new models.

Android is a widespread operating system used in personal mobile phones and therefore offers workers a more familiar experience with greater ease of use, allowing them to increase their productivity and reduce the hours spent on training in the use of the device.

Another great advantage of Android is that it allows major applications to run in parallel on the same device. Allowing ERP/WMS along with communications and productivity applications such as email and messaging to run simultaneously, giving the devices much more versatility.

There are countless reasons to switch to Android, but the main emphasis is that continuing to work with Windows operating systems increases potential risks, knowing that the device will offer increasingly worse performance and compatibility.

At Logiscenter, we know that technology is a key part of any business that seeks to optimize its efficiency, which is why we work to always offer the most advanced business devices from leading brands and manufacturers worldwide.

Main terminals affected:

These are the main alternatives to help migrate to Android. If you have doubts, call our experts who will help you get the equipment that fits your needs.

Did you know that? 96% of new rugged professional laptops come with the Android operating system, leaving only 4% with the latest Windows system.