Are you still signing with pen and paper? Incorporate e-signature technology into your business. Save both time and the environment!

Signatures, in their antiquity have endured over time with its main function of identifying and proving the authenticity of the document and the signee. Despite all the technological advancements we have witnessed up till now, we still continue to sign countless documents with pen and paper.

Is this necessary? At Logiscenter we aim to equip companies with the technology that allows to digitize the capture of data in their business, optimizing processes, reducing errors and improving decision making and efficiency. With the electronic signature, you can securely and automatically re-sign documents avoiding unnecessary print jobs.

Furhtermore, electronic signatures can be more secure than handwritten ones, thanks to the pads and their biometric technology which can identify data such as the pressure or speed of writing and inclination at the time of signing. Thanks to the pads we can sign all kinds of files digitally (Word documents, PDF, etc.). The PDF format is the most commonly used, offering high document security and allowing you to attach several electronic signatures. The electronically signed document becomes unalterable and the signature forms part of the document, preventing any type of forgery.

In our product catalogue you can find signature pads from the French multinational, Evolis; that allow you to transfer data securely via AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) through resistive touch technology. Thus allowing those with any form of disability that restricts them from using a pen, to sign with a finger rather than the pen (ERT Technology). This touch technology will only work with a specialised pen, which restricts any contamination from affecting the signature.

Pads Evolis

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