Datalogic launches new Memor 20

At Logiscenter we have been working and distributing Datalogic products for more than 10 years and we are one of their main partners at European level.

Datalogic launches the new version of its popular Memor model. The Memor 20, a mobile terminal that replaces the Memor 10, has been specially designed for companies looking for mobility solutions for their operators with terminals that offer robustness, power and performance in a smartphone format device.

The Memor 20 offers a user-friendly experience and an interface that the user is accustomed to when equipped with Android. And will be the largest industrial PDA with a touch screen on the market, maximizing the application interaction interface. The large screen size does not prevent the Memor 20 from having a compact, robust and modern format.

This new version of Memor comes equipped with a powerful Qualcomm processor, efficient battery management, dual SIM and GPS location and extensive connectivity options.

With Memor 20, Datalogic ensures superior, long-lasting performance that fits in the palm of your hand in an ever-connected world.

In addition, the Memor 20 features a wireless charging system and is the first professional mobile terminal to offer this, allowing contactless charging. As with previous models, the battery remains interchangeable and one-piece, allowing quick and easy replacement for non-stop 24/7 operation

Like all other Datalogic mobile computers, the Memor 20 is made of materials that can withstand the most aggressive disinfectants used in the healthcare sector. It is also available in a special healthcare version of the Memor 20 with white housing and battery specifically approved for use in healthcare environments.

You can find more information about Memor 20 here and find out about prices, specific features, technical guides etc...

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