Choosing the right barcode reader

Barcode scanners are indispensable tools in many businesses and their use has become simpler than ever. Gone are the days when complex systems had to be implemented with decoder boxes and cables everywhere. Today's barcode scanners are plugged in and ready to use.

While operation has become easier, there are now more options and varieties of readers. Choosing the right one can be a challenge without understanding the various types and options on the market. The first step in finding the right scanner is to identify your specific needs.

Knowing how the scanner will be used will help you decide what type of scanner you will need, with what form factor, and what other options you will need. Understanding each of these factors will help you find the right scanner for your requirements.

In the following article, you will review the different types of barcode readers by technology, form factor, level of ruggedness and, one of the main features, wireless vs. wired connectivity.

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