Choosing the right barcode printer

Thermal printers allow efficient and economical generation of high quality labels, stickers, wristbands, receipts and tickets.

Compared to other printing technologies, thermal printers require less maintenance and print faster while maintaining excellent print quality.

Because this type of printer is different from laser or inkjet printers, it can be complex to determine which one is best suited to your business.

The first step in finding the right printer is to identify your specific needs:

  • Where will the printer be used? -Is it an industrial environment or a particularly harsh one?
  • What do you want to print? -Labels, receipts, wristbands or tickets?
  • What volume of printing is estimated and how fast will it be printed?
  • Will the printer be in a fixed or mobile application?

Being able to determine as accurately as possible how the printer will be used will help decide the type, printing method and other features it will need to have.

Understanding and reviewing the following features will help you determine the best printer for your needs.

In the following manual, you'll discover the differences between printing methods, barcode printer types, the connectivity that your computer must have, as well as built-in accessories.

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