Memor 20, the novelty of Datalogic in Professional PDAs

PDA Memor 20
  • Impressant 5.7" Full HD 18:9 display with Gorilla hardened crystal™.
  • Soping with drop resistance from 1.8 m / 6 feet on concrete and ip65/67.
  • Have multiple drops from 2.4 m on concrete and 2000 strokes from 1 m.
  • Certified IP64/IP67.
Datalogic MEMOR 20

The memor 20 born to meet the toughest business challenges, offers a slim and compact design, an impressive 5.7" Full HD display and a new and unique secondary notification display. It incorporates the latest smartphone technology, combined with high performance reading capability of 1D and 2D barcodes and industrial robustness for almost any indoor or outdoor environment.
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PDA Memor 20 Health Care
  • Chemical-resistant plastic/house designed to withstand daily cleaning with strong disinfectant solutions.
  • Wireless charging that removes contacts from your device and crib.
  • Print Sensor for Secure User Authentication.
  • Re-new secondary screen to reinforce notifications.
Memor 20-HC

The 20 Health Care memor is the terminal designed for the healthcare sector, resistant for daily cleaning and antimicrobial housing. It has an attractive, compact and modern design. In addition, it has IP65 and IP67 rating and Datalogic's innovative wireless charging system for ultra-thin contactless charging, eliminating the need to clean contacts on the device and cribs. It offers a 1-piece interchangeable battery with "Safe Swap" technology.
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Memor 20 Presentation

Learn all the features of Memor 20 in a video.

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