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Accessories for Motorola MC9190

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Single-Slot Serial/USB       Cradle        


Cradle enables serial or USB communicationbetween the MC9190-G and a host PC. Cradle also charges the terminal with a battery anda spare battery stored in the cradle.

LED indicates the charge status of the sparebattery.   



25-64396-01R (for USB comm)  OR

25-63852-01R (for Serial comm)





Single-Slot Serial/USB Cradle Kit  

Cradle enables serial or USB communicationbetween the MC9190-G and a host PC. Cradle also charges the terminal with a battery anda spare battery stored in the cradle.

LED indicates the charge status of the sparebattery.

Includes PWRS-14000-148R. Energy Star Compliant. 


25-64396-01R (for USB comm)   OR

25-63852-01R (for Serial comm)



Four Slot Charge Only Cradle

This cradle charges four MC9190-G terminalssimultaneously in approximately two hours.Does not charge spare batteries. 






Four Slot Charge Only Cradle Kit

This cradle charges four MC190-G terminalssimultaneously in approximately two hours.

Does not charge spare batteries. Includes 50-16002-029R andPWRS-14000-241R. Energy Star Compliant.                                

CRD9101-4000ERFour Slot Ethernet/Charging CradleDoes not charge spare batteries. USB connection to terminal, Ethernet connection to LAN.




CRD9000-411EESFour Slot Ethernet/Charging CradleKit

Does not charge spare batteries. USB connection to terminal, Ethernet connectionto LAN.

Includes 50-16002-029R andPWRS-14000-241R. Energy Star Compliant.

SAC9000-4000RFour Slot Spare Battery ChargerThis cradle charges four MC9190-G batteriessimultaneously in approximately two hours.



PWRS-14000-241R OR


21-32665-48RUBC Adapter for MC9190-GThis device makes the charging of multiplebatteries easy and cost effective. Simply snap thebattery into the adapter and slide the adapter into theUBC charging station. The charging station holds upto four adapters.

KT-32665-03R OR


UBC2000-I500DRUBC Charging Station

Quad bay charger. Holds four UBC adaptermodules.

Includes:- 50-16002-011R-PWRS-14000-242R

50-16000-220R 1 to 4 UBC adapters
KT-32665-01RWall Mount Bracket for UBC 2000 Battery Charger  
KT-61498-01RCradle Wall Mounting Bracket

This bracket provides a convenient mounting option for mounting Single Slot Cradles, 4-slot Cradles, or SAC9000 units to a wall.

Order one to mount single slot cradle or SAC9000. Order two to mount 4-Slot cradle

KT-61499-01RShelf Slide Cradle Bracket

Bracket mounts to the Cradle Wall Mounting Bracket and allows the cradle to be slid onto the bracket (see picture).

Order one for Single Slot Cradle or SAC9000. Order two for 4-Slot Cradles or to mount two single slot cradles side-by-side.

Communication Cables
25-64396-01R USB Cable for Single Slot Cradle  CRD9000-1001SR 
25-63852-01R Serial Active Sync Cable for Single Slot Cradle  CRD9000-1001SR 
25-63856-01R  Modem Cable for Single-Slot Cradle Needed to connect theMDM9000-100 (Modem Module) to the CRD9000-1001S (Single Slot Cradle). Allows single slot cradle to be used as a modemcradle. 



25-62164-01R RS232 Cable (9 pin)  ADP9000-100R 
25-62166-01R  USB Cable  ADP9000-100R 
25-62167-02R  DEX Cable  ADP9000-100R 
25-62167-03R  DEX Cable with Floating Jack Screws  ADP9000-100R 
25-62168-01R Printer Cable (Paxar)  ADP9000-100R 
25-62169-01R  Printer Cable (O'Neil)  ADP9000-100R 
25-62170-01R   Printer Cable (Zebra) ADP9000-100R 
25-71915-01R   USB Host Cable for MC9190-G Fork Lift CradleUSB Rugged connector to USB A Male (cable hasfemale connector on it). Used to connect MC9190-GFLC to peripherals like printers and keyboards. 6 inches long.  
25-71916-01R  MC9190-G Fork Lift Cradle to LS3203ER Cable (serial) Coiled, 9 ft. long when extended  
25-71917-02R  MC9190-G Fork Lift Cradle to LS34xx Cable (serial) 9 ft long when extended  
25-71918-01R  MC9190-G Fork Lift Cradle to LS34xx Cable (USB) This cable can't be used on full screen units that use an external keyboard since the keyboard uses the same rugged USB connector. 9 ft long when extended  
25-71924-01R  MC9190-G Fork LiftCradle Rugged DB9 serial cable RS232 Rugged connector to DB9 Male (cable has female connector on it)  
RS409-SR2000Z1R  RS409 Scanner Allows the RS409 (WT4090 scanner) to be used with the MC9190-G. Has cable connector to attach to ADP9000-110R ADP9000-110R 
Snap-On Accessories
ADP9000-100RCable Adapter Module

This convenient and lightweight snap-on cable adapter provides the mechanism and the flexibility for cable communication, as well as auto charging capability.

ADP9000-110R Cable Adapter Module5VProvides 5V 350 mA output for powering external scanners 
MDM9001-C010R Snap-On Modem module

56 Kbs speed. Provides AC power for operating the mobile computer and charging the battery in the mobile computer. Provides for data communication between amobile computer and a host computer, remotely through a phone line.

The modem module snaps onto the bottom of the mobile computer and can be easily removed whennot in use.

MDM9000-100R 56K External Modem ADP9000-100R

 MC9190-G Short HolsterBallistic nylon case. Custom engineered ruggedized swivel cell clipallows quick attachment to belt or clothing. Weep hole at bottom of case.  



MC9190-G Heated BootRedesign of SG-MC90212110-01R to hold theterminal more snuggly. The dimensions of theholster have been changed to give the mobilecomputer a more positive engagement wheninserted in the holster. Holster secures the MC9190-G on the user's waistand has the ability to also be used with a durablenylon adjustable belt or an adjustable nylon shoulderstrap. (Belt and shoulder strap purchasedseparately). Ballistic nylon case. Weep hole at bottom of case. 
SG-MC9024242-01RMC9190-G Heated BootAllows MC9190-G Condensation Resistant terminal to be used in Freezer Applications. When paired with the MC9190-G Condensation Resistant terminal the Heated Boot will allow the terminal to function in freezer applications, extendingits temperature range down to -30°C. Insulated Case lined with heating element. Has space for Condensation Resistant MC9190-Ghandle to extend out. Clear plastic top cover for display and key pad access. Scanner exit window for laser/imager configurations. Plastic battery case accommodating 4commercially available AA standard or rechargeable batteries (AA batteries are used for heating the boot).4 AA batteries
Spare Plastic Battery Wellfor MC9190-G Heated BootAllows AA batteries in Heated Boot to be swapped faster. 
11-08062-02RBelt for holsterBelt is 2 inches wide. Extends to 48 inches. Has improved buckle and softer belt material. 
58-40000-007RShoulder Strap for MC9190-G Holster  
11-67218-04RBoot for MC9190-G  
KT-70147-01R Belt ClipAllows MC9190-G to be hooked onto the Belt Clipusing the unit's handstrap. 
Rugged Cabled Headset

Noise cancelling microphone filters ambient noiseinches away. Extremely rugged strain relief features ensurecable bend tolerance, even at -30ºC.

IP67 sealing throughout the headset protectssensitive components from moisture and dust. High-strength plastics survive 6 ft drop at -30ºC &500 tumbles.

Weight: 4 oz.

See HEADSET ACCESSORIES foradditional accessories
21-69024-01RHeadsetUsed to make phone calls. 
KT-66447-03R (pack of 3)Spare Handstrap for MC9190-G  

KT-68144-10R (pack of 10)

KT-68144-50R (pack of 50)

 Spare Stylus for MC9190-GThis is the standard stylus that ships with the unit. 

KT-81680-03R (pack of 3)

KT-81680-50R (pack of 50)

Tethered Stylus for MC9190-G


KT-68144-xx stylus

KT-73440-xx Tethers



(pack of 3)

 Non-Elastic Tethers for MC9190-G stylus  

11-42722-03R (pack of 3)

11-42722-50R (pack of 50)

 Elastic Tethers  

KT-151827-03R (pack of 3)

 Screen Protector/Guard

For use with applications with high touch screen KT-151827-03R (pack of 3) Screen Protector /Guardusage, Symbol recommends the use of a screenprotector to minimize wear and tear. Screen protectors enhance the usability anddurability of touch screen displays.

Benefits include:- Protection from scratches and gouges.- Durable writing and touch surface with tactile feel.- Abrasion and chemical resistance.- Glare reduction.- Keeping the device's screen looking like new.

Power Cords
50-16002-011RDC Power CordUsed to power CRD9000-1001SRADP9000, and MSR9000 when PWRS-14000-242R power supply isused (this is not standard - use PWRS-14000-148R instead) 
25-72614-01RDC Power CordUsed to Power SAC9000 
50-16002-029RDC Power CordUsed to power Four Slot Cradles and SAC9000 Battery Charger 
Power Supply with integrated DC Cord

Replaces KT-14000-148R. Used to power CRD9000-1001S,ADP9000, and MSR9000.

100-240 VAC,12VDC,3.33A. Energy Star Compliant

PWRS-14000-242R Power Supply

Replaces 50-14000-242R

Used to power SAC9000        

Can also be used to powerCRD9000-1001SRADP9000, MSR9000 instead of PWRS-14000-148R(this is not standard).

100-240VAC,15VDC, 5A.

Energy Star Compliant

25-72614-01R to powerSAC9000 OR

50-16002-011R to powerCRD9000-1001SR,ADP9000, MSR9000

PWRS-14000-241R Power Supply

Replaces 50-14000-241R

Used to power Four Slot Cradles and SAC9000 Battery Charger (can use PWRS-14000-242R forSAC9000).

100-240VAC,12VDC,9A. Energy Star Compliant

50-16002-029R to power 4 slot cradles OR

25-72614-01R to powerSAC9000

50-16000-220R3 wire AC Line Cord  
25-103872-01RMC9190-G Fork Lift Cradle Power CableConnects Fork Lift Cradle Power Converter to Fork Lift Cradle 
PWRS-14000-251RMC9190-G Fork Lift Cradle High Voltage Power Converter

Replaces 50-14000-251RSupports 36, 48, 60 nominal VDC fork lift vehicles.

18-75VDC,12VDC. Energy Star Compliant.

MC9190-G Fork Lift Cradle Low Voltage Power Converter

Replaces 50-14000-252R.Supports 12, 24 nominal VDC fork lift vehicles.

9-30VDC,12VDC. Energy Star Compliant.

VCA9001-12R 12V Car ChargerUsed to charge unit's battery in a vehicle. Plugsinto cigarette lighter. Improvements made to the fuse holder retention toeliminate possibility of it opening with continuous insertion and removals. ADP9000-100R
VCA9000-24R24V Car Charger ADP9000-100R


BTRY-MC90GKAB0E-10(pack of 10)

BTRY-MC90GKAB0E-50(pack of 50)

 MC9190-G Spare Battery (2200 mAh)   
KYPD-MC9XMS000-11R 53-Key keyboard for MC9190-G (white alpha keys)The lettering on the white keys don't wash out in low lighting conditions like thestandard gray keys do.
KYPD-MC9XMU000-01R 53-Key VT keyboard for MC9190-G 
KYPD-MC9XMV000-01R 53-Key 3270 keyboard for MC9190-G 
KYPD-MC9XMW000-01R 53-Key 5250 keyboard for MC9190-G 
KYPD-MC9XMS000-11R 53-Key keyboard for MC9190-G (white alpha keys)The lettering on the white keys don't wash out in low lighting conditions like the standard gray keys do.
KYPD-MC9XMU000-01R 53-Key VT keyboard for MC9190-G 
KYPD-MC9XMV000-01R 53-Key 3270 keyboard for MC9190-G 
KYPD-MC9XMW000-01R 53-Key 5250 keyboard for MC9190-G

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